Quick runlight prediction games, multiplayer mode and various characters for players to choose. Our games are available in traditional chinese legendary Sun Wu Kong and Pokemon modes.

The game consists of 12 different unique characters of legendary icons; with Player, Banker and Tie icons, and player has to guess the character who will be chosen randomly by the run-light. The beauty of the game is the bonus game. The bonus game is rewarded when the two top left legendary bonus icons stop at the same level. In bonus round battle, the player will be rewarded with bonus spins and results that are extraordinary!

  • Simple user interface – Uses advanced animation to offer a wonderful arcade experience.
  • Mobile web compatible with our HTML5 engine.
  • Fast paced – Fast-paced arcade game, available 24/7/365 with immediate payouts!
  • API widget solution – Our game integration is simple and comes with various customization options.
  • Multi Lingual and multi-currency interfaces – play in your own language with your own currency.
  • No need to download. Seamless wallet OR Separate wallet integration with any gaming operator.