Quick trilling games, multiplayer mode and various hunting experience that make our action shooting games unique from others. Our games are available in ocean, jungle and sky modes.

Our arcade game is a time killing game for your comfort time. The characters variety are designed according to the real world and bonus opportunities are available during the hunt, each hunt session is an unforgettable journey for players to discover new species. There are few modes available, which are single player, multi-player and tournament mode.

  • Simple user interface – Uses advanced animation 3D rendering to offer a wonderful arcade experience.
  • Peer-to-Peer sessions- World’s first jungle arcade gaming mode! Experience the unique and exclusive safari experience.
  • Mobile web compatible with our HTML5 engine.
  • Fast paced – Fast-paced arcade game, available 24/7/365 with immediate payouts!
  • API widget solution – Our game integration is simple and comes with various customization options.
  • Multi Lingual and multi-currency interfaces – play in your own language with your own currency.
  • No need to download. Seamless wallet OR Separate wallet integration with any gaming operator.